Payment Solution

U Charge® Client - POS Payment Module

U Charge®

U Charge® is our proprietary payment middleware that is embedded into our UP Solution® POS software or other third-party point of sales systems. It provides the ultimate security for merchants who prefer payment processing solution built-in to their POS system. Our U Charge® middleware also supports the EMV payment method.


U PAY series

Our U PAY series is a collection of payment solutions that allows the merchant to process card payments without a traditional terminal and offer convenience to their customers.

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Mobile Payments Solution

U PAYm™ is a mobile payment solution that allows merchants to accept credit card payments anywhere using a data-enable mobile device. Our U PAYm™ dongle supports both magnetic stripe and EMV payment methods.


Virtual Terminal Solution

U PAYv™ is a virtual payment solution that allows merchants to accept credit card payments using their personal computer, without the need for a terminal or point of sale system.

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Recurring Billing Solution

U PAYr™ is a recurring payment solution that allows merchants to automatically process recurring credit card payments from their customers on a set date or interval.


e-Commerce Solution

U PAYe™ is an online payment solution that allows online e-tailers to accept credit card payments through their e-commerce website.

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